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Comment: Hi there,my name is Aibinu...

Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Student Financial Aid: Scholarships, Fellowships, Traineeships, Loans"

Hi there,my name is Aibinu i am 23years of age from west Africa i am presently studying in university of Herdfordshire the campus is in Malaysia, i am in my final year majoring in business administration my problem is that i do not have tuition fee to pay for my final year studies and i am being threatned that if i do not pay as soon as possible i would be with drawn from the school and deported back to my country i lost my sponsor who is my father of recent so could not get financial assistance from any were again.I will appreciate if i can get financial aid from any place so i can pay back when i graduate the cost i need now is $5,000.00 my email address is, God bless bless.
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